Online Consultations & Distant Healings

Online Consultations

Philippe is available for Soul Centred Counselling and Wellness Consultations online via Skype calls.

His intuitive ability to feel and see into a person`s energy field and soul` s journey is not limited by space, which allows him to support people wherever they are. He can sense what is needed and provide the necessary support and guidance.

If you would like to make a booking or have any questions about this service, please contact Philippe.

Distant Healing

Distant healing is healing energy sent across time and space that is received and has a healing effect on the recipient. With distant healing, you do not have to be physically present with the healer to receive the healing. This type of healing is equally effective as an in person healing. The majority of distant healings are telephone or skype healing sessions, as the active participation of the client is required and so having them on the telephone is necessary to accomplish the work. However, the healing session can also be done while the client is asleep. This can be sometimes more convenient because of the time difference to NZ.

The client is required to set an arranged time aside to rest and relax. From a state of altered perception the healer is able to access information about the client and also transmit healing energy to the client. Ideally, the practitioner and client stay in contact over the phone, to ensure the necessary guidance and support is provided and received.

If you are interested in a distant healing consultation please contact Philippe

Testimonial for Distant Healing session

I want to take the time to write this testimonial to express by deepest gratitude for the time and gift of Healing that Philippe provides. He guides you through a very connective experience of feeling, meeting and resolving the blocks within the subtle energy field. During the session, I immediately felt safe and relaxed enough to go into a deep meditative state where I fully engaged with a very tender place in my emotional body, which I was struggling with connecting to on my own as the feelings can be quite intense or overwhelming. Philippe guided me in a very gentle yet direct manner so to keep my awareness focused enough to effectively transform the pain I was experiencing. I saw and felt the energy currents flowing through me. Under his professional care, I had no trouble at all in connecting with and resolving that which I intended to resolve. His intuitive guidance and mastery in compassionate care made a huge impact on my healing. After a few days I noticed tremendous results, and sent him this update, … “It is purely amazing the transformations I am experiencing with my voice. I have a different voice! My singing in my sound healing practice has gone to a whole new capacity. And just the other day I lead a ceremony where I faced the fear of public speaking, it was nerve racking at first but I overcame the obstacle so quickly! I cannot find the most accurate words to describe to you how beautiful and profound this is to me.”As a healer, It is vital to me that the healers I work with for my own self-care have integrity and a strong connection to Source — This Philippe embodies, as he is a healer to healers. Thank you Philippe!
Jamie Lu


“I have had the pleasure and honour of being supported and trained by Philippe for several years, individually, and in a group setting. Philippe is a very gifted healer/practitioner and it is very rare you get an opportunity to work with someone who can hold you with compassion and guide you with such astute and insightful intuition.”