Healing Practitioner Training Level 1 2020/21

Grounded in Ancient Wisdom – Guided by the Heart

Heal Yourself
Remember Your Purpose
Learn Ancient and Modern Healing Tools
Become a Healing & Guiding Force for our Earth and Humanity


A Certificated Healing Practitioner Training with Philippe Atman


Kia Ora & Welcome


Thank you for your interest in this offering!
ONE SPIRIT Healing Practitioner Training has been carefully put together to take you step by step onto the Healer`s path. Whatever your starting point is on this journey, this course is designed to awaken your innate and natural healing abilities, and teach you effective tools to become an outstanding and powerful healing practitioner.


Do you feel the call to embrace your own healing journey and step into a service of healing and supporting others on their life`s journey?



ONE SPIRIT Healing Practitioner Training
is designed to…

Connect you with your innate healing wisdom
Develop your intuition and spiritual abilities
Embrace, honour and support your own healing journey
Reconnect you with the nature and language of energy
Equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to be an effective and authentic Healing Practitioner
Reclaim your heart as your guide and teacher
Experience energy and how to work with it consciously
Help you start your work/business as a professional Healing Practitioner


Core Content

Self Healing
ONE SPIRIT promotes an alignment and congruency of your personal energy in life, and the professional practitioner you are going to be. This is what it means `To walk your Talk` – to fully embody the soul in this human form. Self Healing plays a central role in this Healing Practitioner Training, as it an essential part of being an effective and authentic Healing Practitioner. Personal healing appointments with Philippe are part of the training and will be scheduled in as you embark own this journey.

Awakening & Developing your Innate Wisdom & Healing Abilities
ONE SPIRIT honours the guidance and calling which resides in each one of us, and consistently draws us back to what we are truly here to do and give. Our true purpose.
This is the key to reclaiming your innate wisdom and abilities, and sets the foundation for your path of service. The Training facilitates and supports the development of each individual`s strengths and abilities. Your energy sets the foundation for your training and development.

Nature of Healing & the Language of Energy
ONE SPIRIT creates an experiential environment for you to learn and master how healing occurs and how to read and work with energy. This opens up spiritual dimensions, in which mind, body, feelings and spirit become a dynamic and powerful unit.

Ancient & Modern Ways of Healing
ONE SPIRIT delivers teachings in a range of Healing Techniques including Energy Healing, Distant Healing, Group Healing, Chakra Balancing, Emotional Healing, Shamanic Healing, Compassionate Communication, Vibrational Healing, Soul Reading, Breath Work, Bodywork, Meditation, Visualisations, Spirit Communication and much more.

Self Care & Mastery of Personal Energy
The work as a healer requires much dedication and holds deep responsibility. Therefore this training teaches you much about self care practices, healthy boundaries and personal needs, to develop a balanced approach to your service. You will be learning about mastering your personal energy as you progress on this path.

Development as a Healing Practitioner & Initiation to Your Own Business Practice
ONE SPIRIT supports you to become a effective & confident Healing Practitioner, and will give you tools and guidance to develop you own work/business as a career. Personal and group supervision are part of this training, and will be scheduled in as you embark on this journey.



Training Structure

ONE SPIRIT Healing Practitioner Training is divided into 3 Levels.
Level 1INITIATION” runs over a 5 – 6 month period, incorporating 6 training modules.
Level 2 HEALING PRACTITIONER IN TRAINING” runs over a period of 5 – 6 months, incorporating 6 training modules.

Level 3 “ONE SPIRIT HEALING PRACTITIONER” is a year long, in depth healing practitioner training to become a fully qualified Healing Practitioner, incorporating: 6 training modules, 1 Retreat, working alongside Philippe, working as a team of practitioners

All levels are supported by group supervisions (online), as well as personal healing sessions. An internationally recognised certificate can be attained at the end of Level 3.

Level 1

Duration: 5 – 6 Months
The Level 1 Training consists of 6 weekend modules:
Fri 6 – 9pm, Sat + Sun 10 – 4.30pm
(the time of each day is subject to change depending on the focus of the Module)
Between modules there will be personal home practice assignments, online group supervision & personal healing sessions


Dates for 2021 – Level 1

Module 1: 12 – 14 February 
Module 2: 5 – 7 March 
Module 3: 26 – 28 March
Module 4: 14 – 16 May 
Module 5: 28 – 30 May
Module 6: 18 – 20 June


Course Costs

OPTION 1: $3100 to be paid by commencement of the training
OPTION 2: $3400 is paid in monthly installments

A non refundable deposit of $500 needs to be paid with Registration


What you will learn in Level 1

Universal and Personal Energy
Shadow Work
Self Healing
Human Energy System & Chakras
Innate Healing Abilities
Compassionate Communication
Hands on Healing
Developing Intuition/Listening
Energy Awareness/Reading Auras
Holding Space
Nurturing Touch
Soul Embodiment
Your Heart as your Guide
Head to Heart Practices
Emotional Healing
Spiritual Healing
Physical Healing
Distant Healing
Intro to CranioSacral Healing
Chakra Balancing
4 Elements Healing
Nature Immersion
Vision Quest
Breath work
Healing Movement
Heart – Voice Alignment
Inner Child Healing
Ancestral Healing
Sacred Relationships
Your Healing Practice/Business
and more…

At completion of Training Level 1 you will be able to:

feel, see and understand energy
be more connected to your Self, intuition, your heart and spirit
draw on and work with a wide range of healing tools
be the Healer to yourself
confidently facilitate a Healing Session for someone else
hold a loving heart space for someone`s process


What some of our Students say about the Training:

“This course has been one of the most worthwhile and meaningful things I’ve ever done. I initially signed up wanting to learn more about energy healing and be able to offer this to people, but I got so much more than that. It has absolutely transformed me – catapulting me into a deep personal healing journey, for which I’m incredibly grateful. Philippe has empowered and supported me to step into my personal power as a healer – fully embodied, fully expressed, fully connected. The course has such amazing content, and Philippe shares it in a way that’s so knowledgeable, encouraging, and free of judgement. He is so clearly passionate about this work, and about supporting each one of us to find our own unique way of connecting to it. He creates a beautiful, loving environment for everyone to safely express and be themselves as they learn and journey through this experience together, and he holds the space for each and every one of us in such a compassionate and understanding way. This has been an experience like no other, and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.”

– Kirsty (Massage Therapist, Naturopath)

“Philippe’s One Spirit Healing Practitioner’s course has been, and continues to be- an incredibly inspiring and special offering that I am in awe of and so very grateful to be journeying along.
Philippe radiates such a genuine presence of love, and a deep gift of walking alongside others in supporting their healing. He holds deep knowledge, wisdom and intuition which is evident and openly shared in his guiding and teaching, clearly seeing me as an individual in my journey, explorations and learnings, but encompassing the group energy and eternal oneness we experience together in the class and universe together. I have so much admiration and appreciation for all he offers.”
– Leonie (Midwife)

“The One Spirit Healing Practitioner Training – Level 1 was one of the best decisions I have made.  When I read the flyer for this course, I felt the need to participate.  My own personal growth is testimony to how incredible this course was.  For me it was challenging and amazingly rewarding.  Philippe facilitated our group in a professional, supportive manner with his knowledge and wisdom.  The resources provided were detailed and the practical experiences invaluable.  Philippe, thank you for providing the opportunity for those who were willing to continue their journey of growth and healing.  Therefore enabling us to support others on their journey with more knowledge and wisdom in the future.”

– Mary (Accountant)

“Spending the last 6 months immersed in Level 1 of the One Spirit Healing Practitioners Training has been the most awakening, authentic, healing, honest and challenging journey I’ve ever embarked on.
It feels like being on a river, at times gentle and flowing, allowing and generous with easy times to soak it all in and relish the views, support from spirit, support from the elements of nature, support from the love, guidance, wisdom, experience and presence of Philippe with his vast heart centred offerings, together with my fellow truth seeking tribe….
Then…hitting the rapids, the rocks, the unknowing of what’s ahead, the fear, the unravelling, the delving into the depths… hanging on and hanging in… trusting the flow…knowing in my heart I am safe, feeling safe… regardless of what obstacles I hit…energetically with heart and love Philippe holds the space and provides life jackets and helmets in case we crash…even when we hit the waterfalls and it all crashes down… still safe as I land on the shore with my crew…in waters that soothe, are healing and are calm making the crash so worthwhile, needed, celebrated…
Participating in this training/experience feels like all paths thus far for me were leading to this training, at this time… serendipity personified.
0800PHILIPPE is a must for truth seekers. Eternal gratitude, love and respect have I for sharing his air. “Into the mystery we go…together we are all walking each other home. Namaste 💛”

– Dellaney (Pediatric Nurse)


Requirements to start this training

Application – send in your Application form
Interview with Philippe – have an interview with Philippe in person or online
Approved Application – after reviewing your application and interview, you will be notified about the approval of your place on the course

If you would to enrol in this Training, please fill out the application form, and send it back to
Philippe will be in touch about an interview with you.


Ongoing Trainings, Courses, Supervision and more

ONE SPIRIT – School of Healing Arts offers ongoing personal and professional development trainings and support. Please check our website for details!

Philippe Atman

Founder & Teacher

Philippe is an accomplished Healing Practitioner, drawing on 25 year of professional experience. Early in his life he was drawn to Yoga, Qigong, Meditation and Shamanism. Extensive travels in the Americas connected him to indigenous wisdom, holistic healing modalities and the divinity found in all aspects of life. Philippe brings together Energy Medicine, Intuitive Healing, Integrative Breath Work, CranioSacral Therapy and Soul Centred Counselling to help align mind, body and soul. He offers a gentle and heart centred space as he supports clients, teaches energy healing, facilitates group workshops, presents at international festivals and runs programs and retreats in New Zealand, Bali and Europe.

Philippe has brought his life experience and professional skills from the last 25 years together, to offer this comprehensive Healing Practitioner Training. The love for his work as a Healer and Teacher has been the driving force behind his dedication to supporting people in their healing, empowerment and awakening. His personal and professional developments in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing and wellbeing, are part of the make up of this holistic course. He has had many mentors and teachers, reintroducing ancient wisdom into his work, as well as stimulating what naturally resided in him.
Most of all, Philippe learned from nature, from listening and observing, and then applying and co-creating with life force energy.
Philippe considers himself a lifelong student of the spirit and is learning constantly about our human existence and the ways of healing and evolving.

“I am deeply honoured to invite you onto the Healer`s path!
Healing is my heart`s calling in this life, which has taken me on many inward & outward journeys. In fully saying `Yes` to a path of service, I learned very quickly that in order to help others, I needed to delve deeply into my own healing. Becoming more and more comfortable in the realms of my shadow, has allowed me to support and guide people through the dark to the light, to heal themselves. This is a journey of the heart, and love will always guide us back to wholeness. Are you ready?”

+64 21 2060 4545
Account: Atman Limited, 38-9019-0098512-01

“During my healing journey over the last few years, I have needed some very special qualities in a person, so that I can trust them to help me to heal and it is from Philippe that I have received all of these with the ease and confidence that makes him a very special healer...”