I have known Philippe for 10 years and he has supported me both with his energy work and his counselling. I have had two neck surgeries and have a tenderness with my nerves in that area. Philippe has been incredible in his support of this for me. His understanding of energy and knowing what is really needed has made a huge difference to my body and to my heart. In counselling with Philippe I have always found him completely present, compassionate and authentic. He carries a wisdom gained through his own experience that is very honest and real and he has a great ability to see what is most needed to bring change. I completely trust Philippe’s strength and expertise in taking care of my heart, soul and body. He lives and breathes what he brings in his healing and counselling and I really trust him because of that.


During my healing journey over the last few years ,I have needed some very special qualities in a person so that I can trust them to help me to heal and it is from Philippe that I have received all of these with the ease and confidence that makes him a very special healer.

His great gentleness and sensitivity means that I have been able to learn to be vulnerable and to open the places that are tender.  I know that I can let him come close to the parts that are hurting and that he will be loving and caring and that he will know what is needed as guidance.

His strength and steadfastness in receiving and accepting what I have found difficult to accept in myself has helped me to express what I need to express.  His openness in allowing the guidance to come to him so that he may bring it into his work with me as a client has helped me to learn to find the guidance for myself. His belief in me and in the power of healing has helped me to keep going when things were hard.  His generosity with his knowing and wisdom has taught me to support and love myself and that has always been an important part of what he does.

All of this he has done with a great naturalness and love of his work and that is part of him being the gifted and exceptional  healer that he is.   It is difficult to put into words the gift that his work has been to me in the way that I am able to live my life now but I will always have a deep gratitude and appreciation for what he has brought to me.


I have been a client with Philippe, over about the last 5 years, and I have gained a much better acceptance, and understanding of myself. I have developed a much better internal relationship with myself which is reflected in the positive changes in all my relationships with others. I have healed a lot of my fears and anxieties, while working with my feelings. I have learned to let go of past thoughts and judgements which were causing a lot of internal conflict for me. Also to be clearer about what I can and cannot change. From this clarity I worry a lot less than I used to. I am more able to be my true self. I have also learned to be a lot clearer, about what really matters to me, I now choose my battles, and what to stand up for, based much more on my own values, morals feelings and standards. I am living more and more connected to my heart, and my soul, and I am learning how to be open to messages, and learnings from my growing true spiritual connection. My experience is that Philippe makes this a safe and soul supportive experience. Philippe is a very spiritual man, with a practical down to earth view point. He is also very trustworthy.


“Philippe has provided incredible care for our whole family – myself, my wife and our new born baby.”


“Philippe’s care has carried us through the deeply personal and transformative time of our becoming a family, supporting us in individual and relational shifts from pregnancy to birth and postnatal care.

Philippe’s guidance through every session allows entrance into a deeply restful state of mind and body for healing with awareness beyond conscious states. His gentle, assuring manner and way with words brings reassurance, compassion and an anchoring within Self, in the body, in the moment. Assisting with fuller awareness of emotional and energetic experiences, his healing sessions have helped us resolve pain from past injuries; ease muscular tension; alleviate jaw, hip and back pain; prepare the body for birth; restore proper alignment; feel mentally and emotionally at ease; and lighten long held emotional pain in the body. Healing surrounding our birth and post-natally with our son has been especially profound, releasing shock and tension holding patterns from an emergency caesarean delivery. It has been especially amazing to witness our baby boy’s response to Philippe’s care, felt and seen in a softening throughout his body and a comforted, contentedness of Being. We are whole-heartedly grateful for Philippe’s care and healing support.”


`Philippe has been an integral part of my life journey, as a teacher, therapist and healer. Through his work he supports and guides you to connect to the essence of your soul, so you can feel how you truly want to live in this world.`


I have had the pleasure and honour of being supported and trained by Philippe for several years, individually, and in a group setting. Philippe is a very gifted healer/practitioner and it is very rare you get an opportunity to work with someone who can hold you with compassion and guide you with such astute and insightful intuition.


I want to take the time to write this testimonial to express by deepest gratitude for the time and gift of Healing that Philippe provides. He guides you through a very connective experience of feeling, meeting and resolving the blocks within the subtle energy field. During the session, I immediately felt safe and relaxed enough to go into a deep meditative state where I fully engaged with a very tender place in my emotional body, which I was struggling with connecting to on my own as the feelings can be quite intense or overwhelming. Philippe guided me in a very gentle yet direct manner so to keep my awareness focused enough to effectively transform the pain I was experiencing. I saw and felt the energy currents flowing through me. Under his professional care, I had no trouble at all in connecting with and resolving that which I intended to resolve. His intuitive guidance and mastery in compassionate care made a huge impact on my healing. After a few days I noticed tremendous results, and sent him this update, … “It is purely amazing the transformations I am experiencing with my voice. I have a different voice! My singing in my sound healing practice has gone to a whole new capacity. And just the other day I lead a ceremony where I faced the fear of public speaking, it was nerve racking at first but I overcame the obstacle so quickly! I cannot find the most accurate words to describe to you how beautiful and profound this is to me.”As a healer, It is vital to me that the healers I work with for my own self-care have integrity and a strong connection to Source — This Philippe embodies, as he is a healer to healers. Thank you Philippe!

Jamie Lu