Let your heart and soul be nourished on this `Immersion of the heart` Yoga and Wellbeing Retreat in Ubud, Bali.

This retreat is designed to provide you with time to relax, connect, fill up deeply and take you into the magic and beauty of Bali.

With daily Yoga and Meditation practices, we will ease into the day to wake and rejuvenate the body and mind.

A balance of inner work for healing & wellbeing, and exploring surrounding sacred sites and ceremonies, will leave you feeling deeply nourished at the end of each day.

What is Included

  • Daily Yoga & Meditation
  • `Immersion of the Heart` Workshop series
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • 6 nights Luxury Twin Share Accommodation
  • Catered Vegetarian meals
  • Tours to local sacred sites
  • Ceremonies with local Healers and High Priestess


The Retreat Space

We will be staying at the stunning Narasoma Retreat Centre, which is located in the Heart of Ubud. Our Retreat space is private and quiet. To enhance your time out at the Retreat there is a swimming pool, a meditation cave, a cafe and beautiful gardens to enjoy.
At Narasoma you can take advantage of their Health Spa menu, including the famous Balinese Massages.
Have a look @ www.narasoma.com

Yoga & Meditation

Arielle will guide you through the Yoga practices and meet you exactly where you are. Whether you are a beginner or are an experienced Yogi(ni).
Morning and evening sessions will vary in the content and intention, and will include Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra & Restorative Yoga practices.
In Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) you will enter a deep state of relaxation.
Our Yoga Shala is an open rooftop space, with airflow and a look out into the lushness of Ubud`s bush.
Philippe and Arielle will incorporate Meditation practices to support your wellbeing and the Intention of each day.
You are in for a treat!

`Immersion of the Heart` Workshop Series

This will be a daily practice on our retreat, and is focused on `living a heart centred life`. This series will help you make the shift from your mind to your heart, and as a result receive all the gifts that are waiting for you. You will experience the joy and freedom that is a natural response to living in your heart. Exercises, Guidance and Personal Support are all part of this element of the retreat. It will be a time for healing and growth, and will provide you with an expanded foundation and direction for your life.

Cacao Ceremony

We will facilitate a Cacao Ceremony for you, which will be one of the highlights of our retreat time together.
Cacao is the raw form of what is well known in our world as Chocolate. Cacao is s a great medicine for our time, not only nutritionally does it contain very high levels of magnesium, iron and antioxidants; it also contains Anandamide, otherwise known as ’ the bliss molecule’ aptly named after Ananda, the Sanskrit word for “joy, bliss, or happiness.” Anandamide works with our heart’s ability to expand, supports emotional clearing and deepens our connection with self and with life. Cacao has the ability to increase your connection to your heart, assisting moving into your dream world, closer to your goals, and transmuting obstacles in blissful ways.


Our meals are all catered for whenever we are at the Retreat.
Balinese vegetarian food, including their most amazing juices and smoothies, will be on our daily menu. As we will be out on tours at times, we will also take you to some of our favorite eateries ( these 3 meals are not included in the retreat price).


The Twin share rooms are light and spacious with ensuite and balcony overlooking the green retreat grounds.
Check In is from 2pm on the 21st April
Check out is at midday on the 27th April.
If you wish to stay at Narasoma`s Homestay or Villas before or after the retreat, please make arrangements with the management at Narasoma.

Tours and Ceremonies

We are going to take you outside of Ubud to some powerful sacred places, including a water temple, and the residence and presence of Bali`s High Priestess.
These tours will really show you what Bali is about, and connect you with the local people and their way of living and healing.

Bali is one of the power points of our mother earth, a place of `gathering` for people who feel drawn to self healing, embodiment and empowerment, as well as celebrating our unity and co-creation.
The people of Bali as well as the land hold a very significant role in the healing and reclamation of soul and truth. Although not unaffected by the consumer tourism in Bali, the native people still hold an original wisdom and heart consciousness that is touching many souls who feel drawn to this small island of the Gods. The pace of life, the beauty of ceremony and nature, the smiles on every face and the warmth in their eyes, all contribute to this remembering of what we have forgotten.

About Us

We have been in a conscious loving relationship for the last 18 years, and currently live in Little River on the Banks Peninsula near Christchurch, New Zealand, with our 2 beautiful sons.
Together we bring at least 40 years of experience working with people individually and in groups through Yoga, Meditation, Therapy and Healing.
We are both committed to supporting people heal, open and flourish so that they can live a life filled with integrity, joy and love.
Arielle is a Yoga Teacher, teaching regular classes, workshops and retreats in New Zealand.
She also works with the Sacred Cacao plant in ceremony to enhance people`s experience of their hearts, their soul’s inner wisdom and their connection with all of life.
Philippe is a Healer, Counsellor and CranioSacral Therapist. He also facilitates healing workshops and Energy Healing courses.
We are excited about the awakening and embodying of a new consciousness where we live together on this planet in peace and harmony with nature; in union with each other, all living beings and Mother Earth.
Together we bring our heart and soul to our retreats, holding space for connection, healing and transformation.
We look forward to taking you on this magical adventure in beautiful Bali.


The Retreat starts after Check In @ Narasoma on 21st April with a shared dinner, and finishes after lunch on 27th April.
We will send out a more detailed schedule before the retreat.

Your Investment


Not Included

Air fares to/from Bali
Transport to/from Retreat
We are happy to assist with information about flights, organize airport pick up/drop off, and advise you about other activities while you are in Bali.

Join us on this special Retreat!

For enrollments, please go to www.philippeatman.co.nz/contact and send us your enrollment request.
Payments can be made by NZ Bank Deposit or Paypal.
Don` t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.
With Love
Philippe & Arielle