“Kia Ora, I offer you a wide range of skills to support the healing and alignment of body, mind & soul, drawing on over 20 years of experience as a healing practitioner”

CranioSacral Therapy

This hands on therapy restores the natural equilibrium in the body

Online Consultations & Distant Healing

Receive the support and healing you need where ever you are

Energy Healing

An ancient form of healing for body and soul

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Healer, Therapist & Wellness Consultant

Soul Centred Counselling

Feeling based & Soul centred Counselling

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Philippe Atman

Therapist, Healer and Wellness Consultant

“Welcome to my website! It serves as a platform to present the services that I offer to people in Christchurch, New Zealand, as well as internationally. I hope you enjoy! We are living in extraordinary times, often both exciting and challenging, and at times very testing for us. The way we live with what is occurring globally always brings us back to what is happening within us individually. We cannot create peace outside, while being at war within ourselves. My work is dedicated to supporting people on their journey of healing and awakening. It is my deepest wish and prayer to add to the growing light in our world, which guides people through the shift and changes they may be facing.”


“I have had the pleasure and honour of being supported and trained by Philippe for several years, individually, and in a group setting. Philippe is a very gifted healer/practitioner and it is very rare you get an opportunity to work with someone who can hold you with compassion and guide you with such astute and insightful intuition.”